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Technical Specifications of L.T Switchgear

Technical Specifications of L.T Switchgear

  • The Panels shall be suitable for operation at 415+6% volt, 50Hz, 3 Phase, 4 wire+E system.
  • The Panels offered shall be fabricated out of 2mm/1.6mm M.S sheet and shall have modular construction.
  • Panels will be free standing, floor mounting type having provision for cable entry from bottom or top as per your requirement.
  • The Panels will be extensible type in design with dust and vermin proofing.
  • The Panels will be in Fixed type or Draw out Type execution as per requirement.

Sheer Metal Work

  • The Switchgear frame shall be fabricated using mild structrural sections of pressed and shaped cold rolled steel of thickness not less than 14 SWG.
  • Frame shall be enclosed by sheel steel of thickness not less than 14SWG cold rolled smoothly finished lvedlled and free from flaws. Doors & covers shall be made of sheet of thickness not less than 1.6mm cold rolled sheet. Stiffeners shall be provided wherever neccessay.
  • Cut-outs shall be true in shape and devoid sharp edges.
  • The complete structure shall be rigid. self supporting and free from twists and bends.


  • Entire sheet metal work will undergo per-treatment coveriug decreasing, water sinking, derusting/phosphating using various tanks installed in paint shop.
  • Sfter per-treat ment as described above, the sheet metal is sprayed with high corrosion resistant Etch Primer. The finishing treatment shall be application of air drying paint after neccssary putty work.
  • We also have Electrostatic Powder coating plant, Pure and as suchare in a position to supply you POWDER COATED Panels in desired shade.

Panels Will Be

  • Of the metal enclosed, indoor, outdoor, floor mounted modular type construciton.
  • Of dust and vermin proof construcion.
  • Provided with labels on the front indicating the switchgear designation.
  • Of uniform height of not more than 2450mm.
  • Provided with bus bars running all along the length of the panel.
  • Shall be provided with doors having hinges and capive screws.

Bus Bars

  • Bus Bars shall be of unifrom cross-section throughout the lenght of the switchear.
  • Bus Bars shall be of high conductivity copper alloy as per EEC & BS requirement. In Case of copper, current density will be equal to or less than 1.5 Amps per sq. mm.
  • All bus bars will be air insulated and will be black painted for better heat dissipation. Bus Bars will be codified in Red. Yellow, Blue and Black colour as per standard practiees.
  • Bus Bars shall be edequately supported arid braced to withstand the stesses due to a fault level.

Internal Wiring

Wiring inside the switchgear shall be carried out with 1100/650 voltgrade, PVC insulated, standard conhuctor wire of adequate sizes. Minimum Suze of conductor for power circuits will be 2.5 sq. mm copper Control circuit will be wired with copper conductor of at least 2.5 sq. mm for CT circuit and 1.5 sq. mm for other circuits.